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Hi guys and girls,

Myself and the wife bought a 307 estate (ex taxi) think its a 08 plate a few months ago. After getting it home knowing it needed some work I have noticed that I have these following problems.

1. The key fob doesnt open central locking (both keys) and after following the tutorials online, I still havn't been able to program the key fobs.

2. The clock on the dash keeps resetting to 00:00 when the engine is turned off. After trying to follow a few tutorials online, I wasnt able to follow them because the "two buttons on each side of the LCD screen" are missing. tried using the Menu button where the Radio controls are to program it (it has a CD player in it, if that helps).

3. When shutting the drivers side window you need to put your hand on it to guide it as it goes up.

4. The diesel dial doesnt show the correct amount in the tank. always having to keep doing £10 to ever XX amount of miles.....

If anyone can help me out here I would be very greatful :)

P.S im not very car techy but try to understand :)
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