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So I'm in a bit of a pickle; I have an increasingly mucky 308 SW, but living in a flat means I haven't got access to an outdoor tap (so a pressure washer is out of the question), but what I do have is a mesto hand pumped foamer and a plan. The plan is to grab a large capacity garden sprayer (for pre-soaking and rinsing), a smaller sprayer filled with some sort of traffic film remover (to cut through the muck) and use a snow foam for the rest of the cleaning (I know it's supposed to be used as a pre-wash).

My questions are:
1) Would a 11 litre sprayer be sufficient to pre-soak and rinse without refilling? (I'm not looking for power to spray the dirt off)
2) What traffic film remover and snow foam do people recommend?
3) Has anyone else used a similar set up to this?

I know it's not ideal but needs must and I'd prefer to not take it to the hand car washes. Any helpful advice anyone can give will be appreciated.
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