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Hi everyone,

I'm new this forum I have been google "depollution system faulty" it seems like this is occuring problem with peugeots. I'm currently having this issue with my peugout but I have not been able to find any helpful info as other people who have posted regarding this matter their car seems to be acting a little different to mine car. I feel like just running the car into brick wall and getting new car because it is making me go insane :mad:

Here some background info 308, turbo, manul, little km's on the car, takes unleaded fuel.

So the car started coming up with depollution system faulty then the car would go into limp mode and have no power. The only way to get power back into the car was to turn the car on and off until it stopped going into limp mode. Anyway kept doing this for a little while until got to the point where the car just would randomly not have power while driving, no power going up hills.

Anyway had the turbo changed on the car but still the depollution warning code keeps coming up. The mechanic has gone through the computer and nothing is coming up as being faulty and everything is working. The only difference now then before the turbo was changed is the car actually has power unlike before the car even when travelling fine felt like had no power.

The code only comes up when you first start the car I have not had it come up while driving the car around. It is worst first thing in the morning for example this morning I turned car on code came up drove off the car died so turn on and off and back on drove off again the warning code came back car died again then repeated on off on and the code came up but this time car didn't die. Then at lunch today went for drive warning code but car didn't lose any power..

This car has me caused.... Can you just wipe the code out or just get rid of it or disable it from working??? Seriously I would think there was a problem with the car the car would have no power all the time not just randomly... When the car drives it doesn't make any sounds and has good power so why when warning code decides to play up the car dies

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Get a proper Peugeot diagnostic check done. If the warning is coming up then there is a fault(s)
Why was the turbo changed?

Also is it 90bhp or 110bhp?
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