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Went out yesterday morning (the first decently cold morning of the year) to find that all the dashboard functions were dead.:eek:
The lights and everything off the stalks were ok and I had the dashboard backlight but all the dials were at zero and refused to move.
I also had the Airbag, Handbrake and Skid warning lights.
The console was dead to, radio, aircon, screen. Eveything except the hazard lights was dead.
I was getting a few beeps (probably the "your screen is dead" warning :lol:
I drove it to work (45 mins at 60mph) with no dials, probably caught the attention of a few Gards on the way. :copcar:
When I brought a few mates out from work to have a moan, the bloody thing worked perfectly and was ok this morning after another cold night :confused:

I presume the cold got to the ECU but is there anything that I can do to stop this happening again? Will I end up having to stuff my engine bay like a homeless guys coat?
Has this happened to anyone else?
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