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If you are unaware when and where your new 3008 is manufactured it can be easily found from the label following article ( described how it can be found from the "Technical Data Label"

All vehicles incorporate a series of labels that identify where and when they have been manufactured. Sometimes it may be useful to know when, for example to know the exact date of manufacture or to verify if any manufacturing error has been solved from a specific date.

Following will teach you how to interpret this label to extract multiple information and use this link to Peugeot Data Calculator

In order to interpret the data of the label of the image that heads the article, we are going to give a series of definitions previous to the explanation next to an illustrative image:

OPR : Indicates the date of manufacture and is a numbering that increases one unit per day from the initial day 08/11/1976.

DAM : It gives us information of the place of manufacture.

PR : It gives us additional information like the assembly line and manufacturing number of that line.


In order to calculate the date of manufacture, you must add as many days as the OPR indicates to date 08/11/1976. For example, in our example we have to add 12345 days to the initial date and give us as a result 08/27/2010 .


Thanks to DAM we can know where our vehicle was made. The correlation table is as follows:


The last series of numbers named as PR is interpreted as:

1st digit: manufacturing assembly line.

From 2nd to 5th digit: assembly order number.

In our case, we have that the 22244 corresponds to line 2 and has entered the order 2244

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Very useful indeed. Thanks.

Worth adding that the four letters below the OPR and PR number (KWED in the photo) are the exact paint code, needed to get an exact match on your 3008.
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