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Hi eveyone

Im new to the forum so firstly would like to say a big hello to all :D

I have recently got a Y reg 307 which in general is a lovely car but it does have an annoying fault.
Basically even with the engine off and keys in my hand the dashboard clocks show that the lights are on but very dim, if I turn the lights on properly the same green light brightens up. (the dash inst lit just the picture of the lights)
A friend has told me it maybe is a earth fault whatever that
Any ideas would be very welcome.




maybe an earth problem. the earth for them is on the drivers side inner sill if memory serves correct. the bsi could be at fault too.

Welcome to the forums!

Yeah check all visible wiring to lights to make sure it hasnt chaffed and exposed wires that are coming into contact with something :thumb:
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