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Hello guys, I have just purchased a 1.6 litre auto 307. When I take off from stand still, it feels very sluggish,(delay and flat spot) as if its taking off in 2nd gear. I did some research and found that a BMW X3 is actually designed to take off in 2nd gear to save petrol, and that it will, however, kick down to first if you push the accelerator pedal hard, and will eventually 'learn' to take off in 1st gear if you keep forcing it to kick down. Alternatively,the beamers sport mode will also make it take off in 1st gear. My question is, does the peugeot 307 mimick this sytem, or could it be a totally different problem
e.g. engine hesitation, slipping etc. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated.:) :)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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