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I tried to ask Pug themsleves, but they don't want to seem to talk to me.. which is a bit crap as I've got a brand new 308...

The car has an RD4, however I'm looking at getting DAB in the car.

I'm looking to see what options I have..

1) Replacing the head with something that has DAB, but retain all functionality..

When I asked pug HQ what's availble, they didn't really say yes, (or no..)
I guess this is something to do with DAB's "liquid" state atm, and the rest of Eu going off to DAB+ with the french doing DMB....

1) External DAB Rx via the RCAs (Highway/Riva etc.)
3) External DAB via the RCAs with the USB connector as well although I can't seem to find a definitive answer if USB supports track/artist display of the RD4 and navigation naively through the exsisting control stick.

Any comments ?

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