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Hi all,

A pretty mundane request ;) but does anybody know where the information for the DAB station icons comes from or if icon files can be added or updated on the SMEG+. Currently very few stations on my SMEG+ DAB have a logo/icon, Classic FM and literally one or two local stations do, most other stations do not including the 'big ones'.

I notice that a lot of other manufacturers infotainment always seems to have fully populated DAB station icons. I have also seen that you can update station logos on VW infotainment systems for instance using a downloadable file.

I minor issue I know, certainly just one of aesthetics but I find that station logos and album art improve the appearance of the SMEG+ audio screens significantly in day to day use.

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On my SMEG with DAB+, almost every stations in Norway send one or more slides for the icon. This can be pictures of the host, traffic info, album art, weather, ads+++

I can't remember that I have set any specific settings for this...

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Good to know, it seems well implemented in Norway at least ;)

I have been doing a little research through Google translated French and German sites. It seems DAB logo implementation can be very hit and miss from region to region.

Other people report a logo for an FM station but not the equivalent DAB.

There are also reports of logos only appearing on the 'strongest' frequency for a station where there may be multiple frequencies.

It also seems logos may be there initially (when car is new) but are lost following any re-tuning or re-setting activities, never to return for a lot of people.

I am still yet to find any info around uploading or resetting these logos in the software or off USB etc.....

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Too much time on my hands today :D

So, thanks to a Spanish forum I can now see which DAB logos are included in firmware.

The bad news is very few (for all countries it appears :(), so unless logos can be pushed by the radio station we will not see a wealth of logos on our DAB screens or lists.

Logos included for UK for example

BBC Radio Wales
BBC Cymru Wales
BBC Scotland
BBC Ulster
BBC Nan Gaidheal
Classic FM
Real Radio

...and that's it. There appears to be no incremental update to logos between firmware versions, same logo set in all f/w versions reviewed (UK stations only checked...)

I think it may be possible to add additional logos (from the VW logo file or others in png format perhaps), update the logo archive file and then 'inject' them to the firmware database file - SQlite format for those knowledgeable about such matters ;)

For those interested in what logos are included for their country, you can review as follows.

In a firmware file navigate to SMEG_PLUS_UPG/NAV

Make a copy of the system.bin file and place elsewhere before playing

Rename system.bin to system.tar.gz

Open with your favourite archive viewer

Navigate to Data_base/Radio/Logo/Large

Review png files for your chosen country

Radio logo database is found in Data_base/sqlite/radiologo.sqlite

I am tempted to have a play but risk may outweigh reward :yikes:

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No, not really looked at it since tbh. Seemed a lot of work for potentially no or minimal gain. Been happy with album art or sat nav on the screen for 99% of the time.

Shame Peugeot doesn't implement an icon update process as easy as the VW/Seat/Skoda system or at least update the icons in firmware every now and again.

We bought a new 3008 last year and the situation is pretty much the same regarding icons even on the next gen system. I'm sure you'd be well served with icons driving through France though ;)
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