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anybody know the best procedure to do a cv boot on a 05 407 do you need to undo the bottom shock mount and swivel out the arm to get the driveshaft from the hub if so do you need to decompress the spring to do it any help please

Not done it myself, but I think it'll go something along the lines of...

Wheel off (duh!).

Get a helper to apply the brakes while you knock the cage off and remove the 35mm driveshaft nut.

Remove brake caliper and disc.

Undo the 2 x bottom arm bolts (1 x 16mm, 1 x 18mm).

Then pull the assembly towards you and the end of the driveshaft should be free. While you're in there you'd do well to inspect the bottom ball joints and don't be at all surprised if they're nacked.

Many thanks to my friend Trem for the nut/bolt sizes.
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