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My 307 vibrates most of the time off a cold start from 1st gear or reverse. I had my car serviced while it was under warranty last year and they said they couldnt determine the cause of the vibrating. They said perhaps my injectors needed a clean and maybe the fuel flow wasnt flowing smoothly and causing the jerking. I had this done but the problem remained.

I had my car serviced the other day for the 1st time since the previous menioned service, by now my warranty has expired. I was told my steering bracket is cracked and needs replacement at a cost of $3000. I was told this is whats causing the vibrating when I take off in 1st gear or in reverse.

Im kinda pissed cos they didnt locate the problem while my warranty was valid. Only now after its expired, so I have to fork out the $3000 :mad:

Arent they obligated to cover the steering bracket repair because they didnt notice it while it was under warranty? Do I have a case?
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