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Just got a 406 HDI Estate. On the trip home from the auction house I got an ABS alarm and brake alarm although brakes were fine. The alarms cleared when the car had traveled 10m after being stopped. I found I could repeat the alarm by turning left at speed (greater than 45MPH). While replacing the rear engine mount[1] I noticed that the ABS encoder ring on the right hand side front wheel was rotateing freely around the axle.

First, a word of warning - the ABS is pretty big on the safety side of things for the car. This fix seems to work for me and I am prepared to run the risk of not having working ABS, or not have it working properly. From past experiences, I do take my foot off the brake when the wheels lock up. This is a works for me hack and should not be viewed as a reliable or proper fix.

The hack (I had the axle out of the car at the time) was to use a wire brush to clean off the surface rust from the axle and ring. Then used a dozen blobs of gasket sealent to adhere the ring to the axle. The ring is nice and light so even at speed there should not be a lot of force on the axle - hence choice of adhesive. This has seemed to fix my ABS problems.

As an aside, a bit of reasearch (on the internet so not 100% reliable) seems to indicate that to replace the ABS encoder ring the entire axle needs to be replaced. Ouch!

[1] A side note on replacing the rubber bush in the rear engine mount. The bracket needs to come off the back of the engine even through it looks like the job may be possible with the bracket in the car. Other notes - it is possible to do with a hammer but it takes forever and the final result is not too crash hot. You really want a bearing press to do this properly. Finally, the rubber bush seem to be able to handle 125 Deg C in the oven without any deterioration.


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