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First - Im new to the forum and also new owner of a 407.

Hope someone can help with some ideas regarding some minor issues.
I got warrenty, but need input to avoid getting the usual story from the dealer

maybe some of these things are related?

1) when cold (well below freezing) I noticed a tapping noise after a
minut or so and it seems to follow the revs on the belt. This seems to be replqaced
by a howling noise when warmer (sounds like "wuuuuu" and not a squeeling noise).
This howling noise is load dependent - the more I press the throttle when driving the higher noise.
when crusing, its gone. seems to come from right side of car? (BTW left hand steering in my contry )

2) when stationary, and when dark, I can see my headligts and interior light is dimming quite a
bit when turning the steeringwheel, or when operating windows etc. (
when using some amps?)

3) for a couple of mornings (3 times total up to now), I experienced the following:
Car starts fine, but right at start up, the forst 2 times, the instrumentpanel went black and returned,
but had reset all settings (temp, clima etc.).
This morning it started fine, but cut out immediately, started fine again but had reset alle the settings

So, any ideas?

its a407 - 2007, 4 door, 2.0 with automatic gearbox. No warning lights or anything BTW.

could some of it be a generator fault? (tapping then howling noise?)

Best regards
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