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I have some problem with the cooling fan.

Get these codes:
- P0691 Control cooling fan
- P0495 Function fan control not accordance between fan-speed and control
- 994 A/C Control

I Think i have checked all fuses.
One in the fuse box in the engine compartment, and one in the bottom of these, i had to dissaseble it.

I hooked up some test equipment and i erase the DTC, I then go to activation menu, and try to activate the fan, but nothing happens. I just try to activate the injectors and wastegate, and both react (they are in same meny) so there's no connection problem between car and code reader.
Then i read DTC, and the DTC about the fan is back.
When i read DTC, and the erase the DTC, then read again, they are still there.
The DTC are marked "permanent", will it be some special procedure to erase them? If i buy a new it will be fine if i could do the erasing by my self.

I then checked the connectors, and the relay at the fan assy. Relay working, and no bad connectors.

So my i wonder if there some way to double check that it is the fan assy that is bad?
New one is expensive so it had been fin to know if the fan is the problem


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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