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The colour doesn't mean anything. It's just a dye that helps identify the liquid as coolant.

You'll need OAT coolant. Don't use IAT.

In a nutshell, you remove the expansion tank cap, open the thermostat bleed nipple, remove the radiator bottom hose, allow coolant to drain.

Flush if desired/necessary.

Add your coolant - it helps to use an empty lemonade bottle with the bottom cut off to act as a header tank. When coolant gets to the thermostat and no bubbles appear, close the nipple. When coolant gets to the radiator bottom hose, quickly put the hose back on and secure.

Allow expansion tank to fill up to the level.

Read any Haynes manual for a good guide.
That's a brief guide only. You'll need to find out how much coolant you need.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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