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My 206cc has been running fine but suddenly I'm getting the engine cutting out again, it's happened 3 times in the last 2 days. It usually happens as I'm stopping in traffic or slowing right down to go around a corner and I lose all power - I end up with the battery light and the handbrake\warning light on. If I turn the car off and on again it's fine.

I had diagnostics run on it and it recorded a...

"Remote intermittent fault, Coolant temperature sensor (VAN network) Incorrect value received."

I've also noticed that it's been idling a bit weird over the last week or so, like it feels a bit rougher. Today I also noticed the coolant temp guage get up to about 95 and then it cut out.

Do you think replacing the sensor will solve my problems? I don't know if the faulty sensor could cause the engine to instantly cut out. My local garage isn't sure and would need to send it to an electrics place which will cost but this seems like it would be a cheaper fix if the symptoms match a fault sensor.

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