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Hello everyone!

I have this 2015 208 high mileage 200K+, and the radiator is leaking all over the place. Please does anyone knows where is the bleeding valves on this car? Any help in this matter would be highly appreciated, as I will attempt this radiator replacement myself. 😱

Also this car which is a 1.6 diesel engine has come up with a engine fault, had scanned in multiple places, including stealership and they told me the exact same thing everybody else told me, that there is a fault with glow plug management, but the glow plugs have been replaced and also the relay. But the fault keeps coming back. Could it be the wiring loom?

The car smokes like crazy too, and takes oil like there is no tomorrow, every 600-700km or so I have a drop of around 6-7 marks on the dipstick. Coolant is clear, althogh it disappears faster than the oil, hence the radiator replacement.

Other than that the car drives fine 😆 I do like this 208 very much.

Thanks to everyone here and keep safe, health and happy driving.
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