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Ok, I'm having some trouble working out how to drain the coolant from my late '97 (mkII) 306TD. I have a haynes manual that tells me to open a plug on the bottom left of the radiator.
On my car i have found what looks like it should be the drain plug, it has what looks like an attatchment for a hosepipe but there is no plug on the fitting. When I poke my little finger inside the end of the fitting you would usually expect to find the plug, it feels like it has a flat metal disc inside, but no threads, no bolts to get a socket on, and no slot for a screwdriver.
Am i supposed to pierce this disc and renew it? Or am I looking at the wrong fitting?
I would very much appreciate some help on this matter as this is an English car in Norway for the winter and it's possible I could be having temperatures of -25C before too much longer, so I need to make sure its got a proper concentration of anti-freeze in it.
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