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As we have insane car taxes over here I'm considering buying a norwegian 407 SW 1.6 HDi (approx 3000£), and go to Germany and buy a 407 SW 2.7 HDi (between 4000-7000£ inc vat).

Then I was thinking of swapping everything over. :)

If I like plates on the imported 2.7 HDi that would be an extra tax of 20000£, so you see my point why this might be the way to do it.

Anyway I started thinking of the Coupe 3.0 Hdi.

Would the BSI and Engine ECU from this possibly work with the ancillaries in the 407 SW? If so I would think the 3.0 HDi could be a very cool alternative :thumb: But would be nice to know if anyone knows if electronics might cause a major problem?

Of course the 2.7 HDi would be a safe choice and straight swap.
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