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Hi everyone! I own a peugeot 406 v6 stick & I would like to convert it to ew10 due to the problems the engine is giving me. However, I will like to know how possible it will be to do a successful conversion & the parts I may have to change & the reusable ones on my V6. I have a manual transmission. I will appreciate your kind response.
That will not be a very smart thing to do for several reasons.

First, the cost of buying a new engine and obviously a gearbox when compared to selling off the car as is, and buying another instead

Second, downsizing from a v6 doesn't appear smart to me when you gave tested the power under that hood

Third, and contrary to impressions in Nigeria (I can see your number plate), V6 appears cheaper to maintain than an ew10 series. I use a V6, so I can tell you that.

Lastly, I will buy it off you if you want to sell **winks

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