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Hey all, bit of an issue with my 2011 1.6 ehdi. Whenever the car gets up to temperature, I can hear and feel a loud knocking noise coming from the front end. It seems to appear worse when turning left, it still happens when turning right but nowhere near as much. I’ve ruled out top mounts as it doesn’t do it over bumps.

As odd as it seems, if before I move off, I put the car on full left lock and hold it tight for a few seconds it seems to mask the noise, but after a while it comes back.

Second issue also occurs when warm. If I’m cruising in 3rd above 1700rpm, whenever I let off the throttle I can hear an obnoxious rattle, the higher the rpm, the more frequent the rattle. As soon as I push on the throttle, the noise disappears.

Cars been through an MOT and service however nothing was brought up on either so I’m completely stuck.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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