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Hello again,

I made a post on here recently about my 106s unsolved running issues. I was checking for causes of my issue, and I noticed something which has had me a bit miffed. I noticed that the coolant temperature sensor was unplugged, after a bit of rummaging, I found a connector, plugged it in and took no notice of the fact that the sensor was blue, and the wire was brown. When I was on the other side of the engine bay, I found an identical brown coloured, pin release type connector, again sitting disconnected. Can someone tell me what these brown, three pin plugs are really for, or if you also have a redundant connector? I initially thought that they could be for electric headlight height adjustment (which is either broken or non-existent on my 106), but there's no where for them to plug into. Both are identical and are long enough to hang on top of the radiator support. I'm assuming at the moment that at least one is for some sort of accessory my car doesn't have, and that the wiring loom is generic.


Iain (again)
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