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Hi all

Been lurking a while and now having just taken ownership of a Pearl White GT Line 5008, had a couple of questions if anyone can help.

- Been playing with the touchscreen to find my way around and noticed yesterday after a bit more playing the the "connection" icon (square icon to left of the cog and clock) was lit up green. Hadn't noticed this before as the icon is usually just white. Any idea why it lit up green?

- What does a press on the left side scroll knob do on the steering wheel? Seems like you don't need to press it when choosing the iCockpit layout so not sure what action an actual press does.

- I've paid for cameras/risk areas but haven't been anywhere yet with any cameras. How do I check it is "licensed"? (I did find a screen that showed me the map version and there is a reference on that screen to Risk Area - think that is what it calls it - but no version number.

Appreciate any answers.

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