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I'm a complete luddite when it comes to this so I'm kind of expecting the first answer to be 'Don't be so stupid, you can't do that!', however, I'd like to change the standard stereo in my 2013/14 Partner Tepee Outdoor from the RD5 to something with the following -

2-Din as I'd like a touchscreen with -

  • Most importantly, it should work with my steering wheel controls so that the centre console info section remains functional (so I can change settings in the car i.e. the clock).
  • DAB
  • Input in for a rearview camera (constant feed and activated when in reverse - if I've got the bike rack on the reverse sensors don't work and I'd like something to check I'm not about to remove the lights from the rear rack - but also have a quick check to make sure nothing has worked loose whilst driving along (passenger not me))
  • Decent bluetooth and phone options - mainly to get a quicker way to scroll through my contacts to make a call
  • Google or Apple 'CarPlay' would be nice as it would mean I can use the phone for Sat Nav
  • SatNav (if the Google/Apple thing isn't possible)
  • USB socket on front (to plug ipod into for music)

I spoke to a local Audio place and they didn't think they could do anything as they thought the whole central console would need rearranged and then custom things done to fit it all together, plus they didn't know if they could get the steering wheel controls to work.

I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but if I could improve the music option in the car and have a rearview camera then I'd be happy.

I'm also assuming this is a 'standard' kind of request and isn't particular specific to my Partner Tepee car - but I'm really unsure what to be looking for and what is possible, does anyone have any insight they can share please?

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