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Hi Everyone

I am in the process of getting a new car and my friend has recommended a 207. He loves his and rates it highly and I have seen some at a great price but I would not want to get one that is a dud!

What are are the common issues known with these? And I have seen a 207 GT 150 that I am going to test drive, are these reliable ?

Any advise would be very much appreciated

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Main issues i know of

High Oil consumption
Timing chain wearing/failing
General VVT faults dephaser and solenoids
Inlet valves carbon up
Turbo Diverter valve failure
Water ingress into fuse box from washer pump
Water ingress into Engine ECU from coolant sensor

However some are more common than others

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Almost a year ago I bought my son a 207 on a 57 plate with around 120k on the clock. All that was wrong with it apart from the paint showing signs of being unloved was the heater blower would only work at it's highest speed. This is a common fault across the models and needed a replacement heater resistor which cost £9 including postage from ebay for a used part. I also replaced the timing belt as there wasn't any history of it being changed. I did these jobs in the first two weeks of having the car and have never had to work on it since. The car came with an almost complete service history which showed it had been regularly serviced and the old MOT's showed nothing to worry about - mainly advisories for brake pads and tyres.

It all depends if previous owners have looked after it or not. A GT 150 may have been ragged by a boy racer type or could have been driven sedately by miss Daisy. Look for signs of previous bumps at the front & rear as well as badly fitting body panels which might indicate it's been in a shunt. Check all electrics work as they should as well as the usual checks you should do on any used car you look at.

My sister and niece also have 207's and I've never been asked to look at either of them so with my experience of just three examples of the car - all is good with the 207.
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