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Just to begin with what i´ve done....
Dissmantled the comms 2000 unit under steering wheel beacuse the left indicator was missing from time to time(very annouing!)

Can just say that taking it apart was indeed a patience test to the maximum!
(for all you out there that have done this now very well of what i mean)

anyway got it all sortet out and decided to activate rear wiper and it doesn´t work. - the fault has to be that the small foliage cable to be connected backwards..

Since im in for another days work dissmantling it i was wondering if anyone has a lose righthand stalk with button on it for controlling the computer i would be interested in buying one before dissmantling it all again :rolleyes:

Oh and shouldd tell you that it´s gonna have to be sent to sweden since it´s a bit to far for me to pick it up :D

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