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Colour code of silver dash bits

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Going to get these re-finished, anybody know what the colour code is, 2002 307, silver dash surrounds
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anybody, would prefer to get the exact colour.
Hi you could try putting new colour on your trim....various wood effect...silver...ect...saw place on net that you can buy for your car.Its like a stick on cut out...maybe an idea...or just pick a silver colour and paint all silver bits the same colour..dont think anyone would notice...i know its not what you wanted to know...may be worth thinkin about if you cant find right i was thinkin the same as you but couldnt find the colour..
FACIA QUIKSILVER - you get this from peugeot service box - enter your vin and go to Documentation then Characteristics.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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