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Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their electrics since the cold weather hit?
I'm getting a 'right hand brake bulb' fault recently but the light is working perfectly, new bulb, same problem.
I had the same problem last year (again in cold weather) but I found some corrosion on the plug connector pins. A scrape with sandpaper and some contact grease fixed it that time but there is no corrosion this time. I have checked the earth points on the backlight pods and can't find a problem with them. :confused:

Also I have noticed that the backlight for the console (radio, aircon etc) fades in and out at random intervals during a long drive, I do about 45 mins of a commute and it has started happening more frequently during that time.

I'm putting it down to the heating being on fairly high because the console screen has started to black out as well. I had to have one replaced when I got the car and I was told that the heat pipe travells fairly close to the back of the screen and can affect them.

On a seperate issue, does anyone know of a way I can defrost my windscreen washer pipes? They're frozen solid and I want to drain my tank and replace the fluid with low temp screenwash but I ned to flush it through the system before I get a burst tank or pipe damage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :thumb:
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