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I have a pug 207cc GT 1.6, the EML came on and checked the forum for any ideas and all posts say to get a diagnostic with PP2000. after buying the diagnostic tool it gave me the above error code.

state of the ECU MED17_4_EURO4
P2279 : intake air intake fault
variables associated
engine speed 719 rpm
coolant temp 96 degree C
veh speed 7kph
inlet manifold pressure 380 mbar
richness regulation status closed loop
calc charging value (filling) 18%
quick richness corr (row 1) -4%
slow richness corr 0%

from this can anyone tell me what i need to repair or change, or some pointers of where to look.

I did standard parameter measurement on MED17_4_EURO4
Fuel Injection and Emission Control
Inlet Circuit
While the fault active and after fault cleared. can post these readings if needed or helpful.

Thanks in advance


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fault description is that air pressure in the inlet manifold is incoherent in comparision to the motorised throttle body angle

so its case of checking for air leaks in the intake initially.
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