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Hi all,

First time posting in here so go easy on me! :)

I'm having conflicting reports as to what is causing my Peugeot 307 to sound like a sewing machine. I've had mechanics say it's a Clutch Release Bearing and others say it is a Gear Box Bearing.

Before I get any work done on it, I obviously want to ensure I'm having the right thing done. The last thing I want to do is spend £300 on a new clutch and still have the noise and find out it really was the gear box and spend £700 on getting a recon one or the other way round!

The noise only happens when in gear (not in reverse) and the clutch is not engaged.

I've put a video on YouTube so anyone can have a listen...Clutch release bearing or gear box bearing??? - YouTube

You can hear from the sound on the video that you can make it 'sing' while driving by speeding up & down and changing gear.

The gears are all fine, the gear box feels normal. I can jump up and down two gears, I don't find it difficult to find a gear or anything like that.

Obviously I'm hoping it's just the clutch and not the gear box but just unsure of who is telling me the truth and who is trying to get lots of money out of me.

Anyone who can help, please comment :)
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