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Had a clutch replaced on my 2003 Expert 2.0hdi van just over a month ago. 2 weeks before replacing as i can feel the clutch was slipping, one time the clutch pedal sank about 2 inches and stayed in that position even though now the clutch is replaced. I now have to press the clutch right down to the floor to change gear. When parked on a hill sometimes it is difficult to change to reverse or 1st gear.
Also when the garage replaced my clutch (LUK clutch), they broke the speedo valve which caused the van to shudder when driving and lack of power when the turbo hasn't kicked in and higher fuel consumption. Before i normally get just over 200 miles with £30 diesel, when the speedo valve broke, i was only getting around 160 miles. Replaced speedo valve, van was OK for several weeks until last week i suddenly felt the same thing happening but speedo was working fine. Had diagnosed with a scanner, code P0903 (clutch actuator faulty ) Now the van feels as though it is dragging until the turbo comes on and the fuel consumption has dropped.

Would this be the clutch master and slave cylinder needing replaced ?

Help appreciated
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