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Hi all

I’m having issues with my clutch pedal going low to floor again !

Had it about 3weeks ago and having looked at slave cylinder it was leaking so I replaced and fully bled it and everything was back to normal

Then this weekend gone I noticed that pedal seemed to be very slightly spongy at top about first half inch before you ‘felt’ it pushing on the fluid as it disengaged clutch

Tonight it went to floor when parking up at a supermarket and clutch engaged after lifting about an inch from floor rather that normal midway of travel. Finished the shop and on way home via picking son up from uni it’s been absolutely fine but rather triple check it’s all ok as it shouldn’t have done it in first place!

I thought maybe the slave was leaking again but having checked it it’s completely dry and looks fine

Now my thoughts are master but the brakes are spot on and the fluid level from when I changed slave hasn’t dropped at all so I can’t see it being a leak

As this is a combined clutch brake master I’d have thought any air getting in would affect both systems not just clutch?

I’m going to rebleed slave just in case but I’m starting to think master might need replacing.

If I do replace it am I right in assuming I’d have to fully bleed brakes and clutch together? As in can’t just bleed the cylinder itself.

Bit unsure whether I’ll have problems with brakes due to being ABS (no ESP) or will it be like a normal bleed?

I’ll be using a pressure bleed kit if that’s any help

Anyone done a master cylinder change over and have any tips or suggestions on best way to do it?


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