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I recently bought a 2001 106 Quiksilver 1.1i and I dont feel confortable driving a car without temperature indicator (usually the temperature light turns on when your head gasket was gone)
Original config on my quiksiver: White dials, fuel indicator top center, speddo in the right, tacho in the left, temp.light on the left and low oil pressure in the right.

Today I bought a cluster that I think was came from a Saxo: white dials, fuel pointer in the right, temp. pointer in the left, speedo and tacho the same position and blank in the top center.

Two socket on both : a black one and a bigger yellow. So far so good...

Turn it on and:

All the warning light at the bottom of cluster are ok (charging, high beams, low beams, etc) except the airbag that now doest go off.

Another different thing: even with the key out, the digital clock and total mileage still apear.

But the biggest disapointment is: no speedo, no tacho, no fuel and no temperature!!

Did I bought a broken cluster? Must I need do re-wire the socket? Or I'm I just stupid?
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