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Regarding clunks from the back - make sure there is nothing in the gap between boot inner and outer skin. It's where the wheelbrace sits - so make sure it's secure and you don't have a golfball in there. I've found a jar of sauce in there once :eek:
Is this noise on braking, acel or when taking off handbrakes ? - I sometimes get a stuck brakeshoe.

Squeeks / hisses from passenger side / brakes.
Check linkage as the brake servo is on the passenger side - also check the servo vent - buy a replacement filter as they are cheap enough.

I suspect the servo is the cause of this somewhere.

To get good miles, replace ol filters yearly with a good brand. You can often get OE ones on Ebay in boxes of 4 or so. My last find was an OE one for 99p.

Keeping the car in a garage is good to avoid excessive rust - and if you live near the coast - forget the dream.
Keep an eye on the rear of the underbody - spare wheel mounts are often the first to go. Hose off mud once a year - and spray on an oil/ wax mix when dry in the summer.
Check the front top strut mounts for rust.

Everything else is just replace if worn out and hope for the best.
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