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First time caller…

My girlfriend has a 206 Quiksilver 1.4. It's an 03 plate but she's put 157,000 miles on it. Now that doesn’t bother me that much, I've previously put 120k and 173k on two Micras and have got to the stage where I see high mileage as a badge of honour rather than a stigma! The first Micra I sold, the second I couldn't bear to be parted so she's in SORNED in my garage and is still roadworthy. I figure the Pug owes us nothing, so it too is going to be run until it dies, and I'm hoping for a good innings out of it yet. The miles are mostly motorways and it's been serviced on the dot.

However there are a couple of things that annoy me, so I thought best to come to the experts.

Firstly there is a mysterious clunk from the back. To me it sounds like the spare wheel moving in it's cradle, but when I've checked it, it seems fairly solid. It's an odd sound in that it will disappear for weeks on end before returning. It's been examined several times by the garage, and they assure me it's not the suspension, however I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions

Secondly there is a hiss coming from the passenger footwell, it occurs when the brakes are applied in particular when the car is being driven and the brakes haven't been touched in a while. Again this has been checked by the garage, but the sound annoys me and I don't like anything untoward about the brakes. Again does anyone have any thoughts? Is it part of the conversion to RHD?

Finally, any hints and tips regarding the high mileage? Anyone else out there with similar mileages? I've always fancied trying to get a car to 238,855 miles, the average earth-moon distance.



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Regarding clunks from the back - make sure there is nothing in the gap between boot inner and outer skin. It's where the wheelbrace sits - so make sure it's secure and you don't have a golfball in there. I've found a jar of sauce in there once :eek:
Is this noise on braking, acel or when taking off handbrakes ? - I sometimes get a stuck brakeshoe.

Squeeks / hisses from passenger side / brakes.
Check linkage as the brake servo is on the passenger side - also check the servo vent - buy a replacement filter as they are cheap enough.

I suspect the servo is the cause of this somewhere.

To get good miles, replace ol filters yearly with a good brand. You can often get OE ones on Ebay in boxes of 4 or so. My last find was an OE one for 99p.

Keeping the car in a garage is good to avoid excessive rust - and if you live near the coast - forget the dream.
Keep an eye on the rear of the underbody - spare wheel mounts are often the first to go. Hose off mud once a year - and spray on an oil/ wax mix when dry in the summer.
Check the front top strut mounts for rust.

Everything else is just replace if worn out and hope for the best.
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