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Climate control in the 407, 2008 model

I have the 407 2.0 ST Comfort, 2008-model.

Noticed something strange yesterday in regards to the climate control. It was a pretty hot day outside (40 degrees Celsius). On the drive back home, I set the CC to auto, and the internal temperature to "Min" (also tried it on the second-lowest setting, which was 14). However, even after driving about 120km/h for 30mins, the CC was still not keeping up and the temperature inside the car didn't come down much. If I had to guess, internal temp was probably still somewhere around 30+ deg.

I felt the air coming out of the vents, and it felt cold enough. I tried increasing the fan speed to max, but that didn't really make any difference in cooling the interior down either. Windows were obviously closed.

Now I read today that the internal temperature setting is actually a "comfort index" that you need to specify, and according to the owner's manual "does not indicate a target temperature in degrees Celsius". To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what that's supposed to mean. Is a higher number = higher comfort, therefore cooler interior?

I know CC typically wants to know what you WANT the interior temperature to be, so most people would set it to 21 or so, as that is regarded as the optimum ambient temp. But if it didnt cool the car down at "Min" or 14, then it probably wouldn't have cooled it down on setting 21 either, right? Or do I have this the wrong way round completely?
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