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Over the last couple of years, my 2004 307 has developed the following issues with climate control.

  1. On very hot days the AC will simply cut out. Sometimes I can restart this by messing with the controls (digital climate control model) - other times it randomly starts working again, after a few minutes.
  2. When the climate control is set to Auto the fan is always on 100%.
  3. Sometimes the heater doesn't blow hot air.
I've read that point 1 could be related to a faulty resistor that is overheating and causing the blower to stop. AC has been recharged and blows nice and cold when working. As stated above, I've got the digital panel for climate control. Does this mean the resistor in question is built in to the blower - or is it a separate resistor (the green one) that often fails on these cars?

Point 2 seems like it could be related to point 1 - a resistor problem. However, I did hook up Planet a couple of years ago and it reported a fault with the cabin temp. sensor. This was cleaned and the error didn't return. Maybe this sensor is shot and needs replacing?

There is lots of talk about point 3 on the forums. It looks like I need to replace the gears for the vent flaps. All the other posts I've read mention a repair kit that is available, but they seem to be aimed at the models with dual climate control - which mine isn't.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for any of the above please?
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