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Hi all,

RHD 2004 407 with the Visteon dual zone climate control.

I'm noticing an issue when using the AUTO setting but everything works 100% in manual mode.

Manual mode:

Fan works on all speeds and airflow is the same on both sides.

Air distribution works to all vents on both sides.

Full range of temperatures available.

AUTO mode:

Air flow is always less on the passenger side than the driver's side, which is especially noticeable from the face level vents on a hot day.

The fan doesn't ever run at anything nearing full speed in AUTO, even when starting the car with the climate set to LO and an outside temperature of 30C. Assume LO or HI should select 100% fan speed when in AUTO?

Temperature is the same on both sides, so at least it doesn't have that issue.

Pollen filter is new plus a blocked filter would reduce flow to both sides.

External temperature sensor reading correctly.

Cabin temperature sensor cleaned.

No codes.

I can only find one cabin temperature sensor, which seems odd for a dual zone system or have I missed a 2nd cabin thermistor?

Parts schematic shows just one air flow thermistor probe behind the dash on the drivers side but one on both sides on later models.

Lexia is showing the following whilst running in AUTO with temperature set to the same on both sides:

Driver side blown air temperature 66.2 °F

Passenger side blown air temperature -20.2 °F, which seems very wrong as both sides should be the same or very similar?

Humidity sensor is permanently reading 32768%, which is obviously wrong?

I am suspecting the dash thermistor isn't working correctly (fan works) but the climate system is code free and I am not sure where the correct reading for the driver's side is coming from as the dash thermistor/humidity sensor is either working or it isn't.

Any ideas?
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