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Hi guys :D

I live in Norway and "they" have decided to only send radio trough DAB+, so there is now very few FM radio stations :mad:

I want to connect a Tiny Audio Dab+, but there is no aux in on my RD3-01 (PU2471D(F).

Around on the net I found some possible solutions: Some suggest a resistor between the pins on the back to use the CD-changer aux in (I have not a CD-changer), some have suggested disassembly the unit to weld on a mini-jack connection and so on.

Have anyone done this successfully or have a god tip? :confused:

Link to Peugeot Clarion PU-2471 PU-2472 PU-2473
Link to Clarion PU-2471A-G Service Manual: Circuit Diagram
Link to Clarion pu2294a(c) aux hack


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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