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Hi all, first post.

frist, my car: 206 2L '54 plate, with clarion cd player headunit. nothing special.

I'm in the process of planning a project based on a mini-PC to be lumped into the boot of the car. what i want to do, quite simply (well, simple from a top-view perspective) is to attach the PC so it is in essence it is seen as a multichanger CD - therefore not having to mess with the headunit itself - allowing me to play mp3's and the like from predetermined play lists, with inbuilt wifi so when i drive close to my house it can auto-update with anything i lump on my NAS with update list 'control' files.

The auto update thing for me is trivial, as i'm a software engineer by trade with a strong electronics background. The 'control' apsect also wouldnt pose to much of an issue for me either, however i'm finding it hard to find the relevat info in terms of the comms used for cd changers in general. i've searched the forums (breifly) but didnt find what i was after, so here goes:

1/) i'm guessing the conection to the cd changer, from a wiring perspective, would be the left and right audio, plus a 3 wire "command" channel (in, out and gnd, so the cd changer can recieved serial commands like next track or next CD, and respond with things like number of tracks on the cd and current play time). can someone confirm this for me?

2/) does anyone have any information on the protocols used: assuming the above is true, and it's a 'simple' rs232 transmission (please correct me if i'm wrong here), does anyone have any data on the command structure - what 'words' are sent, and what responses should be sent back to the headunit? (such as acknolwedgements to commands)

3/) would i be right in assuming the wiring for the multichanger would already be present, or is this something i'm gonna have to thread thru the car myself?

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