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Just been talking to a colleague who has a 1.6SW - he was low on diesel and put 10 litres of kerosine in to tide him over.

His story is that if he's steady away at 30mph, the car will suddenly feel and sound like the engine has stopped ticking over, or that it feels like it's being "choked" of fuel, the car slows down (like engine braking), which lasts only a second or so, then gets going again. He asked if the kerosine is stalling the engine.

I told him that, to my knowledge, a little bit of kerosine (other than being a bit naughty :nono:) shouldn't be a problem (kerosine is a virtually similar distillation to that of diesel) - the issues arise if you use it neat all the time (burning out pumps etc).

Could the kerosine be the cause of an immediate issue on the car? Is it a stall or misfire? Or would it be coinciding with something else (injector/pump fault)?
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