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Hi all
I have just recently joined this forum as i have gone back to owning a peugeot for the first time again since the launch of the 206 in 1998 when i bought one brand new for the wife..
I have just got myself a 307 2.0 hdi (90) as a run around and have noticed a little chirping noise from the timing belt area.This has been bugging me now since i bought the car.It is'nt doing it all the time and is'nt in realation to engine speed,about once every 2 seconds or sometimes every second but then it goes off for a while.
After getting to my pals garage on the ramps to have a good listen,we have found it to be the waterpump.The plastic impellor has broken off and the noise was it catching every now and again.The car has full service history from new and has had a timing belt done at 88,890 miles.It has now covered 136,800 so i think i will have it done again for piece of mind.
So if anyone else has this annoying little noise then there's your culprit.:thumb:

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