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Hi, I'm getting an oil level warning flashing up on display occasionally.

I just looked for the engine oil dip stick today but cannot find it !!!!

Can anyone advise on location of dipstick & best oil to use when I do get round to an oil change ?

I've just gone past 65K miles & needing to get round to a service for the car. The car display keeps reminding me of my omission. I think the oil check level is linked to the missed service interval message.


Front of the engine, towards the left. It has a yellow top (well, my 2.2s dipstick does).

Use a 5w/40 synthetic. Do not use a 5w/30 economy oil as they can destroy this particular motor. If I may respectfully say so, if you can't find the dipstick then perhaps you should entrust the service to a garage.

And please go to the introductions section and introduce yourself.
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