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Well yesterday I started off to change the caliper left rear.

Noticed the pipe end of the brake hose was a bit bent from earlier on and tried therefore to be "careful" when removing all stuff.

Anyway ended up with that the pipe broke just where the pipenut starts.
Tried to undo the brake pipe from the hose (at the other end of the hose) but pipe nut just rounds off, even though I used a 5 sided brake nut spanner with just 1 opening to allow to slide over the pipe.

Typically brake pipe/hose experiences.... should ideally never be touched.

Anyway I haven't access to the underside of the car as it stands now, so I'll need to get the handbrake working and get it out the current location and put it on axle stands to inspect more thoroughly.

But maybe someone here can shed some light on where the brake pipe is routed? It looked like it went under the diesel tank... so I can see I have a really bad job in front of me.

Have anyone here changed the brake pipe before? I suppose I'll just cut into it at some point and join it, as a new pipe from Peugeot costed 240£!!

Thanks god for my good old 405 that at least seem to be a realible car :)
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