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:lol: Hi guys
just new to this site as another peugeot forum has closed down and i am desperate for info.

i own a standard 1900 diesel 306 1994/95 vintage. its getting a bit tatty now but it starts everytime off the key and pulls like a train. no complaints there.
howver peugeot electrics are another thing

my central locking has just started to play up. i have always used the key to lock/unlock the car as the key fob is u/s

when i lock the car the car locks all doors and then they open again. i have resorted to locking the drivers door eventually and then having to lock the other doors individually, which is a pain. sadly thru the night the locks have a tendency to unlock themselves which is frustrating as the car is then unlocked.

this is a five door hatch. i am a keen diyer of some 30 years under the bonnet but admitt that electrics are not my strong point.
this is driving me mad.

the car isnt worth much but i am loath to get rid of it. i know this is a common pug problem. i know my way around the haynes manual well.

my question is..... where do i start to look for this fault and what are the common failings of this system. i hear other people have repaired the wiring harnesses in the door. im not sure if this is practicle but i certainly wont be putting it into a pug dealer...oh no

any help would be very much appreciated

thank you in anticipation


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