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Hello, this is my 206cc. 3years ago I bought the car completely original. Untill now I tuned the car as you can see in the following pictures.
Comments are always welcome...:thumb:


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ash said:
nice work ccke,

You did a lot of things to ur car, can u list the mods, ..did you do internal/engine mods too?
the list off changings...

other frontbumper from originally nissan skyline
other rear bumper from toyata mr2
home made hood
mini one air intakes
ICE install from sony x-ploid with playstation and radio with integrated screen.
other frontgrill also homemade
other wheels (17inch allesio turbo)
lowered the car in the front -6cm in the back -4cm
painted interior
other gearknob
other exhaust (pro-inox)
lexus style rear lights
chrome roadsterbars
clear brake light (wasn't on the car when this pic was taken)

engine is still unchanged and will stay that way...

futur plans are, trunk shaved and interior completely shaved and painted in the color of the car, leader seats, and painting car in an other color.... witch remaines top secret...:p
here is a pic of the ICE in the trunk...

greetz ccke

Those tigers are awesome!

Joking aside, nice work, not sure on the rear bumper myself but the rest is looking good :thumb:
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