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Cat has gone on my daughter's 56 plate 107 Urban at less than 25K miles and 3years and 9 days after first registration. Peugeot seem to think that "it's just one of those things" but I think that this is ridiculously early for such a part to fail. Has anyone else had similar problems and how did they fare with Peugeot?

The cat is integral to the manifold on the 107, so I should think it's not a cheap part.

I've owned 2, and in a former life was an official for a large 107 owners group, and have never encountered this before.

Petrol cats like to get nice and hot to burn off the contaminants and keep themselves running sweetly, and if your lasses car is a low miler that's probably not been happening and it may have just clagged itself to death inside. I've come across that before on plenty of other cars, usually those owned by blue rinsers, but this is the first 107.

The obvious thinbg would be to first question their diagnosis to ensure that you really do need a cat first. I mean, what are the symptoms? If it's emissions then I'd be checking out the o2 sensor before just ripping off a punter for a new cat on which I make a nice fat mark up, but then I'm honest.

If the cat has genuinely failed, then I would argue with PSA that they simply do not expire overnight, and on the balance of probabilities it was failing over a period of time before the warranty expired. It's worth a punt, even though the wording in the T&Cs is quite explicit and under the terms any fault must be both identified and rectified within the warranty period, so by the technical terms of the warranty (which is a contract) they don't really have to fork out come what may. PSA are traditionally muppets when it comes to their warranty administration, so I wouldn't hold my breath, but try firmly but politely arguing the "it must have been failing before the warranty expired" scenario and see how you get on. A report from the garage that identified the problem confirming that it did not just pack up that morning would strengthen the argument.

If it's been Peugeot dealer serviced throughout you might get a little more lucky - they seem more likely to show goodwill to punters who've shown some loyalty and goodwill in return. If not, you're probably sunk before you started, but give it a go anyway.

Good luck, and be sure to let us know how things go.

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hi,,could it be because of this???????

EFFET CLIENT : Lighting of the engine diagnostics warning light ; Difficult starting
Spark plugs fouled ; Incorrect engine combustion ; Presence of fault code P0420 stored in the engine management ECU.
Reading fault codes.
Replacement :
Catalytic converter
3 Spark plugs
2.1. Parts required
1 Exhaust catalytic converter manifold (Part No. 0342 K0, 0342 K3).
3 Spark plugs (Part No. 5960 97).
2.2. Operation
Read the faults of the engine management ecu : Presence of fault code P0420 stored in the engine management ECU (Ageing of the catalytic converter).
Replace :
The exhaust catalytic converter manifold (See workshop documentation : Service Box / 107 / Repair manuals / Searches / Document reference / B1JG1HP0 Removal - Refitting : Exhaust manifold)
The spark plugs
2.3. Repair time
Replacement of the exhaust catalytic converter manifold :
Time : 0.90
Operation code : 99507A
Replacement of the spark plugs :
Time : 0.40
Operation code : 59070A
Reading engine management ECU - Global test :
Time : 0.30
Operation code : 99501A
From build code number 10911 and engine number 5317985 : New characteristics of the spark plugs.


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Cat on a 107

Hi Toddy

There has been no fouling of spark plugs and no difficulty in starting until the warning light came on.

Hi Chopper

I think we will be following your advised course. We have already raised the issue with Peugeot. the garage print out from the computer states that the cat has broken down internally, but as trhe previous owner was Banque PSA then any failure to have it serviced appropriately is down to Peugeot which in my book means it is their fault as much as if it were a defective manufacture.


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Cat on a 56 Plate 107

Peugeot have now come back with an offer of 50% of the cost of supply and fitting as a goodwill gesture which my daughter decided to accept.

I think that PSA were embarrassed that one of their own companies had failed to have the car serviced according to their own requirements.

Thanks for all your help and encouragement, guys.

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