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Hi everyone, (54plate 307 2.0HDI xsi)

just looking for advice, I've been told my catalytic converter is at fault with very high emissions (about 4 & should be less than 1).

Over the past 6 months or so I've noticed quite a bit of black smoke on acceleration - not thrashing it but just gradually accelerating.

I'm not using any oil or water & had the EGR replaced about 3 months ago when I had to get the AA out, also had a new turbo about 18months ago, so it accelerates pretty good. No real noticeable difference to mpg either.

There's no faults on the dash & the garage plugged it in to their diagnostic's and nothing found.

So just wanted to get some advice before I look for another catalytic converter to replace mine.

The only thing I've sometimes notices is a slight juddering on the motorway about 70mph but then when I accelerate hard it goes away (this is on a 10mile stretch of motorway each day back from work, so it doesn't do it any other time).

really appreciate any help or guidance.


Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Vacuum split pipes faulty maf EGR DPF fluid run out faulty fuel cap sensor etc etc etc loads of stuff can cause this issue and if you dont cure it.

just because you have no fault codes does not mean there are no faults.
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