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I got strange problem in my 406, 1.8cc (lfy) and now in sort of out of solution situation :confused:

All started with poor idling (with misfire and lack of power occasionally). Scanning resulted with below and even after doing through cleaning/checking of throttle body, steeper motor, TPS, MAP, MAF etc

Engine ECU
Permanent fault: Idle actuator

Then I changed the stepper motor and it only lasted for few days. Same problems came with same error code.

Sent the car to dealer. They said that wiring is OK and problem with ECU which send wrong singles to steeper so it get burn at end. Make sense, so I ordered used ECU with new stepper but unfortunately result was the same. It ran only few miles without problems and gave the same error code.

It is very unlikely that my new ECU also having same problem (sending wrong singles to stepper). What could happened is some other part in vehicle damaging the ECU? I did read about famous coil pack problem in 306 with Sagem SL96 ECUs.

Mine also have Sagem but SL96-3 version. I'm wondering (have experience) exactly which SL96 is having coil pack problem. ? (As I red, it is related to SL96-1 and SL96-9). I want to make sure the problem before going to change coil pack , ECU again as it is very costly. Your input is highly appropriate here.

Also, what could be other reasons for damaging the stepper motors/ECUs ? It is very strange and I'm stuck here with this goest car :mad:
Any comments/feedback are highly appreciate.
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