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help, my 1998 diesel 406, once it heats up, it has trouble holding a constent speed of about 100kms, it slows, feels like something is holding it back, and black smoke from the exhaust, then it will speed up and smoke goes away.

the injectors havent been tested, timing belt has been replaced not long ago, and timing was reset. engine has done a bit over 200,000kms

i have found a thread with a simmilar problem, but it had no replys that i could find.

08-02-2008, 02:07 PM
My 1997 306 Diesel Estate has covered 176,00 trouble free miles. Recently whislt driving it suffers an occasional lack of accelaration and it feels like something is holding it back this is accompanied by black smoke from the exhaust.Then within a a minute it accelerates normally and the smoke is gone. It is most noticeable when travelling uphill or after travelling at say 30-40mph for some time and then accelerating in fourth gear. The injectors ahve been tested and I am assured they are fine. Any suggestions would be much appreciated

thanks mike

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